About Me

Hey guys, I’m Johnny although most of you probably know me as Rules For Rebels from my popular Youtube Channel on which we cover topics like Entrepreneurship, Online Marketing, eCommerce, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, and all things business and making money online.

My goal with this blog and my Youtube Channel is to…

  1. Create a community where we can share knowledge tips & strategies, support each other, and even collaborate on projects.
  2. Help you realize there are real ways to make money yourself, working for yourself outside of a job.
  3. Help you take an inventory of your skills, passions, and interests and helping you figure out a way to use that to add value for others and in turn make money.
  4. Deliver this message authentically and with realistic expectations. There’s too many Youtubers and Gurus setting unrealistic expectations of earnings as well as unrealistic expectations of the workload and the speed at which your business will take off.

I think Entrepreneurs are a misunterstood breed of people. Many of us think outside the box, march to the tune of our own drummer, etc. During school and in traditional careers this isn’t always valued. I find that many Entrepreneurs are people who struggled in school or in careers working for other people, however once they figure out their style of work and what they are good at they are unstoppable.

​I always knew I wasn’t cut out for a 9 to 5 job. After college I went out and got a corporate job Downtown in Chicago in the Loop, because that’s what you do right? That’s what my peers wanted so I figured that’s what I ought to want as well right?

​After college I started an internship with an online marketing / ad agency. It was a startup and while I enjoyed the atmosphere and enjoyed working in a fun environment with a lot of young people like myself I wans’t fulfilled. I knew I wanted something more.

​After my internship ended  I took a job with the travel company Orbitz, a job most recent grads would have killed for. On my third day in a meeting I raised my hand and said “I can’t do this.”

​Everyone looked at me confused. Can’t do what? Can’t do the training excercise we were doing? No I couldn’t work there. I couldn’t go into some corporate job to do something I didn’t want to do, wearing clothes I didn’t want to wear, and carrying a Blackberry at all times just incase a banner ad happenned to go down at 11PM on a Saturday night.

​I turned in my laptop, left and never looked back. I was laid off for a while and dabbled in some entrepreneurial ventures before landing a job. The job provided benefits and a 401k match, and I actually didn’t hate it, but it was going nowhere. I worked at that job for the next 7 years.

​Because the job didn’t pay great and didn’t offer much room for advancement I knew I had to get something else going. This is around the time I started dabbling internet marketing and blogging and other hustles, which would eventually lead me to starting my own ecommerce business. The business was actually based upon my day job, I saw a need customers had that my company wasn’t meeting so I set out to fulfill that need.

​It started out as a few eBay sales here and there making a little beer money on the side. Over the next couple years however my partner and myself reinvested into the business and kept hustling and two years later we were doing 2.5 Million per year in sales. About three years in I finally got up the guts to leave my day job and go full-time with my business.

​Over the course of about 2 or 3 years  I went from being a screw-up in societies eyes, and a guy who struggled to hold down jobs, to being someone who friends and family were asking for a job.

​I’m not rich, I don’t drive a Ferrari, I’m not going to be doing screencasts from the beach showing you how you too can make $5,000 per day on auto-pilot while hanging out in Mexico.

​That’s an illusion sold to wantrepreneurs. This stuff requires hard work. This is going to require time. And most of all, it’s going to require you taking action. Don’t sit around waiting for someone to hold your hand, invest a small amount of time in learning and educating yourself enough to get started and then get to work. Fail, learn from your mistakes and do it again.