On Youtube and in Entrepreneur circles we hear the terms coaching, consulting, and mentoring thrown around a lot, but what does it really even mean?

I feel like many online gurus and make money Instagramers have given coaching a bad name. I see people who have no business teaching others charging thousands of Dollars for an hour of their time or for a course. Recently I had someone come to me asking me to coach them on Amazon FBA. They were short on cash, when I asked why, it was because they had already paid someone else over $5,000 to teach them Amazon FBA, yet they were still comming to me for more help. That’s a shame.

I’ve done some blog posts and vlogs about coaching, consulting, and mentoring, however let me take a brief minute to kind of lay out what each is. A mentor is typically someone who takes you under their wing and teaches you for free. A consultant is more someone who you bring on to help grow your business, solve a problem your having trouble solving, and basically bring an expert outside set of eyes into help you with specific issues. A coach on the other hand is almost more of a motivator and a guide.

While I tend to fill all three of these roles, one thing I found early on is that many people who think they need a consultant really need a coach. When  I initially started offering to work with entrepreneurs one thing I often found is many of them hadn’t even started, and many didn’t even know what they really wanted to do.

When someone contacts me and says they want to start selling on eBay, but they don’t yet even have an eBay store, that’s tough for me to work with. I want to provide value to you. I want you to have a return on your investment of working with me and honestly, if your paying me $100 an hour to help you fill out the eBay account registration it’s completely unnecessary. Not only is that something you can easily do yourself without my help, but your not going to see an ROI on our time together if that’s what your working on. For someone who’s looking for a consultant I would prefer you have something going on already. That you have something concrete which we can work together on.

Now maybe you’re just at the starting point. You want to start making some money outside your 9 to 5 job but you really don’t even know what opportunities are available to you. You don’t know what activities your current skill-sets lend themselves to, etc. I can work with that but it will be more of a coaching role. Honestly I feel like this is something many people need guidance on, and in all honestly I feel in some ways this is where I provide the most value.

The entire reason I started out in entrepreneurship and even more so started this channel is because not that long ago I was working a job that I was unsatisfied with, which had no room for advancement, and at which the thought of doing that for the next 30-40 years made me incredibly depressed. I felt unhappy, lost, directionless, and hopeless.

I started doing some local hustles, making and selling things on Craigslist, Craigslist flipping, storage auction buying, etc and eventually stumbled upon blogging and Adsense which in turn led me into affiliate marketing, online marketing, and eventually eCommerce. My business partner and I started a small eBay business which eventually grew into a website and continued to grow to the point that a couple years in I was able to leave my job and delve into full-time entrepreneurship.

When I look back I wish I had gotten started in this stuff earlier. Way back when I first began getting interested in this type of stuff there wasn’t a bunch of bloggers and Youtubers showing you the ropes. It was really through dumb luck I stumbled upon many of the opportunities I did and I really had to search out more information.

Today the internet is flooded with make money gurus. While it can be helpful, many people are also lured inot the idea of easy money. Many people see Youtubers and Instagrammers showing private jets and fancy cars and watches they don’t even really own telling them how they too can make $5,000 per week sitting on a beach and working 3-5 hours a week. That is not the reality. This is going to require a lot of time, a lot of pain, and a lot of hardwork. Entrepreneurship isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle. But if you’re willing to fully commit and fully invest yourself it’s incredibly rewarding.

I’m happy to work with you on whatever it is you want to work with. If you already have an established business or an established hustle I’m happy to try to help you take it to the next level.

If you’re just starting out and are looking for some guidance, looking to become aware of what opportunities are even available to you and want some help taking an assessment of your skills and interests and finding the hustle that’s the best fit for you I’m happy to help with that as well.

Just a few of the areas I feel I’m able to provide the most value you regarding is Affiliate Marketing, eBay Selling, Amazon and Amazon FBA selling, Internet Marketing, Blogging, Youtubing, Cryptocurrencies and more.

My style of coaching is typically run by the single session, not ongoing over a number of weeks. I charge $100 per hour paid by Bitcoin, also open to other cryptocurrencies, contact me. Or $200 per hour paid by Paypal. I’m a big fan of cryptocurrencies and to help spread the technology, the movement and to try to help grow the use of these I’m willing to offer a steep discount for anyone who can pay by cryptocurrency. If you’re new to Bitcoin I’d be happy to walk you through how to buy some and send me my payment. It’s very simple and you’ll save yourself 50% of my coaching fee or $100 by doing so.

One last thing I wanted to touch on. I take the fact that someone is investing time and their hard earned money seriously. It’s my goal to give you much more value than what you pay. While many coaches and gurus out there charge $1,000 or more for an hour long Skype session, I find it hard to justify anyone being worth that much money and even if someone is worth that much money it’s going to be hard for most people to see an ROI on that type of investment. I’m offering my services and expertise at rock bottom pricing because it really is about helping people more so than me making a buck, although  obviously I do need to be paid for my time.

If you’re interested in a session with me please send an e-mail to RulesForRebels@Gmail.Com and in addition to any message you send please copy and paste in the filled out questionaire below…

1. Name

2. Skype or Hangouts Username

3. Why are you contacting me for coaching?

4. What do you hope to get out of our session?

5. What areas are you looking to discuss ie. Affiliate Marketing, eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Youtube, etc?

6. What are your strongest skill-sets? ie writing, web design, graphic design, video production, etc?

7. What are your interests/passions? Videogames, sailing, sports, writing, movies, etc?

8. What is your dream job/career/hustle? What does your ideal lifestyle look like?